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An old town with a young face

The oldest history of the town is linked to the water castle founded to protect the ford across the River Ploučnice on the earth track to Lužice. The construction of Lipý Castle helped create the prerequisites for founding the town of Česká Lípa on the nearby raised ground.

The privilege granted to the town in 1381 confirmed Česká Lípa's significance as a centre of craft and trade. Throughout history Česká Lípa's strategic position has made it a significant administrative centre and hub of economic and cultural life in the border region.

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Although in the second half of the 20th century the development of the uranium industry and the subsequent population growth led to the town being enclosed inside a wreath of prefabricated housing estates, the original streets and houses have kept their historic memory.

This memory was reawakened in the 1990s, thanks to sensitive regeneration work and the renovation of buildings, roads and street furniture.

The water castle was opened up in June 2003 after many years of closure and has become one of the most sought-out tourist destinations, as well as hosting the most prestigious social and cultural events. A small exposition in the castle's eastern wing is a reminder of the sugar refinery which marked the castle's appearance in the 19th century.

However, Česká Lípa is not a town living in the past. A rich cultural life, good leisure facilities for residents and visitors alike, care for the town's greenery, its strategic position at the tourist crossroads of the north with a wide range of attractive destinations for summer and winter pursuits and, last but not least, good investment opportunities, all welcome today's visitor to Česká Lípa.

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Town Information Centre

Náměstí T.G.M. 2
470 36 Česká Lípa
tel.: 487 881 105, 487 881 106
e-mail: mic@mucl.cz
web: www.mucl.cz + turistika.mucl.cz

Opening times:

summer season
1.4.–30.6. and 1.9.–31.10.
Mon–Fri 8.30–17.00
Sat 9.00–12.00
Mon–Fri 8.30–17.00
Sat 9.00–17.00
Sun 9.00–15.00
* 5.–6.7. 9.00–15.00
winter season (1.11.–31.3.)
Mon–Fri 8.30–16.00
Sat closed
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Information provided:

  • on the activities of civic authority departments
  • on social, cultural and sporting events
  • on local places of interest
  • on transport connections
  • on accommodation and catering services in and around Česká Lípa

Further services:

  • regional geographical information
  • advice on trips into the surroundings
  • sale of maps, brochures, publications, postcards, memorabilia and tourist stamps
  • photocopying services